How to keep boxing gloves fresh?

Are you a boxer who wants to know how to keep your boxing gloves fresh? Or maybe you’re just curious about the process.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

This blog post will share some tips and tricks on keeping your boxing gloves fresh.

We’ll cover topics such as wiping gloves, using sprays, leaving them to dry, and more.

So if you’re ready to learn how to keep your gloves in tip-top shape, let’s get started!

Wipe the gloves down – this will help remove any sweat or dirt that’s accumulated on them

Are your boxing gloves looking a bit worse for wear?

Wiping them down can be a great way to keep them fresh.

Sweat and dirt can accumulate in those spaces between the laces over time, so give them a good once-over with a dry towel or cloth.

Visit this blog post to learn more handy tips on how to keep your gloves in tip-top shape, like spraying deodorizers or investing in hand wraps!

How to keep boxing gloves fresh

Use sprays – there are special boxing glove sprays that can help keep them fresh and free of bacteria

Have you ever smelled rotten eggs? We hope not, but if you haven’t kept your boxing gloves fresh, the smell could be emanating from them.

Keep your gloves fresh with a special boxing glove spray to get rid of bacteria build-up and keep them smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Not only will it make your sessions in the ring more inviting, but it also helps prevent bacteria from spreading around.

Make sure you have a quality glove spray at hand – after all, no one likes to spar with something that smells worse than defeat!

Leave them to dry – after you’ve used them, make sure to leave them out in the open, so they can air out and dry completely

Once you’ve worked up a sweat and put your boxing gloves through their paces, ensuring they dry entirely is the most crucial step to keeping gloves fresh.

Leaving them out in the open helps the process immensely – so those soggy, stuffy, and smelly days can be kept to a minimum.

Don’t forget – sometimes Mother Nature knows best – so reward your hard work with fresh air and let her do her thing!

Wear hand wraps – this will help protect your gloves from getting too dirty or sweaty in the first place

You might consider investing in hand wraps when training hard and can’t keep the sweat away.

They’re great for protecting your hands from painful pummeling sessions and keeping your boxing gloves in pristine condition.

The extra layer of fabric will protect them from excess sweat or grime that might come off your hands during a fight; it’ll also help reduce any nasty odors and maximize their lifespan.

Who knew wearing something extra could be the best way to keep your gloves looking good?

Keep them away from the sunlight – exposure to sunlight can cause the material of the gloves to break down over time

If you’re a fan of glove-to-face action, then it pays –literally and figuratively– to take good care of your boxing gear.

While it’s easy to overlook in the rush of training, exposure to direct sunlight can cause irreversible damage to boxing gloves over time.

So if you don’t want your investment to end up in the ring, keep them away from UV rays and direct sunlight when not in use.

The integrity of your gloves is worth fighting for!

Store them properly – when you’re not using them, be sure to store your boxing gloves in a cool, dry place

No matter how hard you work out and sweat during your boxing session, you don’t want your gloves to feel like they walked into the ring every time you train.

To keep them fresh and as close to their original state as possible, you must store them properly when not in use.

Of course, that’ll mean finding a cool and dry place to put them – otherwise, your gloves will be left with a less desirable moisture and odor combination!

Pro tip: if you’re really after that feeling of donning and doffing new gloves for every fight night, try keeping an extra pair around so you can experience the full sensation!

In conclusion

Now that you know how to keep your boxing gloves fresh, put these tips into practice and enjoy the benefits of having long-lasting, bacteria-free gloves.

Leave a comment below if you have other tips or tricks for keeping boxing gloves fresh.

And if you’re looking for more information on boxing, check out my other posts.

Thanks for reading, and happy training!


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