How to keep boxing gloves from smelling?

If you’re anything like me, you love the smell of freshly laundered boxing gloves.

But over time, even the best-smelling gloves can develop an unpleasant odor.

Here are a few tips for keeping your boxing gloves smelling great.

The importance of clean boxing gloves

For any serious boxer, the importance of clean boxing gloves is enormous.

After all, the gloves that protect your hands from potential damage also come with their accidental destruction – nasty odors.

Keeping those boxing gloves clean and free of offending smells isn’t only about having gear you’re proud to show off but also maintaining great hygiene habits before, during, and after training.

It may take a bit more effort to keep those bad boys smelling like roses, but it’ll be worth it in the long run!

How to clean your boxing gloves

Keeping your boxing gloves in pristine condition isn’t just a matter of style; it’s also an issue of hygiene and smell.

Cleaning your gloves regularly is critical to avoiding the dreaded “glove stink” that so many boxers and athletes alike can attest to.

Say goodbye to the bad smell with an unexpected solution – a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar!

Rub the vinegar into the insides of your gloves, let them dry overnight, and you should be back in business by morning!

If they’re particularly intense, you may need to apply the vinegar more than once – but trust me, it’s worth it.

You can also use a cleaning solution specifically designed for sports equipment and follow the instructions given on the bottle when applying it.

Finally, place the gloves outdoors, preferably in direct sunlight, which will ensure any lingering odors are neutralized by UV rays, leaving you with nothing but fresh-smelling boxing gear!

How to keep boxing gloves from smelling

What to do if your boxing gloves still smell

If you thought that giving your boxing gloves a good airing after each practice was all you had to do to keep them smelling sweet, think again!

It’s normal for boxing gloves to start developing odors over time, but don’t worry: there are still a few more steps you can take to rid your gloves of unpleasant smells.

Hopefully, once you work through my tips, you’ll be back in the ring with no one being the wiser about those erstwhile smelly gloves:

Tips for keeping your boxing gloves smelling fresh

Keeping your boxing gloves smelling fresh can be a real challenge, especially after an intense workout or a long day of sparring!

But don’t give up – there are plenty of easy-to-implement tips to keep your boxing gloves in pristine condition:

Store them in a dry, well-ventilated place

This is the first and most crucial step in preventing your gloves from developing odors.

When you’re done training, put them in an excellent, dry spot away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Make sure you give them time to dry after each session. Spread your gloves wide open and keep them in a dry place.

If you live in a particularly humid area, it’s best to have two pairs of gloves on hand, so you can switch between training and never miss a beat!

If they get wet, don’t let them air dry

Instead, use a hairdryer on the low setting to dry them off completely.

This way, you’ll prevent the formation of bacteria, which can cause odors.

Keep your boxing game on point with fresh hand wraps

They’ll soak up all the sweat so that you can focus on training!

The key to making sure your gear stays in good shape? Swap them out between each practice session and wash them off after use.

If you’re hitting the bag three times a week, it’s best to have three pairs of hand wraps in rotation – throw them somewhere to dry after each session, then give them a good cleaning during the weekend.

Freshen up your boxing gloves with a fragrant finishing touch!

Keep some scented sachets – sandalwood, lavender, or cherry – on hand to slip into each glove once they’re dry.

Not only will they smell great, but you’ll have a pleasant surprise when you put your gloves on next.

Don’t let bacteria spread

Give the boxing gloves a good wipe-down with anti-bacterial tissue at least once a week.

Unfortunately, not everyone has such high hygiene standards. So be sure to give your face a little wash after each session – you never know what kind of icky germs could have accumulated on those “never-washed” hand wraps some people use for years!

Freshen up your boxing gloves on the inside and out!

Invest in an ozone-producing machine (or ask your car mechanic family member for one – they’re great for keeping air conditioners clean, too!) to rid them of bacteria, or go for a more cost-effective solution like a silver deodorant spray.

You might pay a couple of extra bucks during car repair to get your hands on a machine, but it’s worth it for those already smelly gloves!

What keeps boxing gloves fresh?

Remember, the best way to keep your boxing gloves smelling fresh is to practice good hygiene and store them in a dry place.

Air out your gloves after each use, rotate between different pairs of hand wraps often, and don’t let bacteria spread.

Finally, try placing some scented sachets in your gloves for an extra touch of freshness after completely dry! Your nose will thank you.

So go ahead, get back in the ring, and show your opponents who’s boss – without compromising on freshness!

In conclusion

Taking care of your boxing gloves is a breeze if you follow these easy tips.

Air them out, wipe them down with anti-bacterial tissue, give them an ozone blast, and add a fragrant finishing touch!

With all this in mind, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge without worrying about those pesky odors getting in the way.

So don’t forget to take care of your boxing gloves – and enjoy a long day of sparring!

Let me know in the comments below what other tips and tricks have helped you keep your gloves fresh.

Until then, see you in my next blog post!


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